The inventory management system


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An Inventory Management System

It is a very beneficial product for managing stock and controlling inventory. This helps to keep the stock at a reasonable level, balancing the need for extra supplies.
- Manage Inventory
- Expired Items
- Restock Inventory
- Employee Details

Manage Inventory

In this feature you can Add, Update and can delete items from your inventory management system. Search facility allows you to search products in two ways, Search-by Product name and Search-by Barcode.

Expired Items

Allows you to check expired items on a single click. Provide you an accurate information of Products-Expiry date. Here you can also delete products from software which is expired.

Restock Inventory

  • Here search facility allows you to search products in two ways
  • 2. Search-by Product name
  • 3. Search-by Barcode
  • Here you can also check the list of those products whose quantity is less than 100

Employee Details

You can Add, Update, Delete Employee’s and Search employee’s from your inventory management system.

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