A complete Student Management system


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A complete Student system

Penzure is an SMS (Student Management System) which is an amazing software for medium school's who is looking for the best, user friendly, simpler and proper functional management system for bright future of their school and who wants to manage all the information accurately in an easily accessible format even for non-technical staff. PenZure is like a true meaning of Student Management System, the school administration can take benefit of this software if they want to manage the record in a proper and usable manner.

Student Management

Student management manages all the data related to students, It will save information of each student with all the details and allows to edit and update the old data as well. It will manage data of each student , their names, classes, section, fee etc. All the required information about each student will be recorded.

Student Promotion

Student feature is Penzure’s feature who manages the data of promoted students on the bases of the progress of each student; student will be promoted at upper level. Promote student to higher class on the bases of their percentage. Details of each promoted student will be updated in our system automatically about each student. It will also show the list of not promoted student. Admin can add new data and view the old data as well. Can also create Certificates.


Usefulness of this feature It will manage the data about

  • 1. Expenses
  • 2. Student Fee
  • 3. Salary
  • 4. Report


The system will maintain the attendance of all students and staff accurately. Attendance can be recorded on paper but the system will manage and maintain the details in better and accurate way. Information will be available to access whenever and wherever you want to access it.

SMS gateways

Usefulness of this feature of Penzure is that it allows you to send an SMS to parents and teachers in the form of BULK OR SINGLE SMS, Parents will receive an SMS related to Attendance, Result Greeting's and Parents Teacher Meeting and Teachers will receive an SMS related to staff announcements; receiver for the message can be anyone whose number is saved in system.

Staff management

Another feature of Penzure is staff management, It maintain all the data of staff about their current role, contact information, classes, days, timings, class starts, and class end. Admin can add new data and view the old data as well. Staff management helps the system to maintain the data of staff in proper and easy to understand format.

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